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Automatic fringe analysis


Difrotec is a global leader in ultra high accuracy optical surface mapping.

We have over 30 years’ experience in mathematical modeling of optical systems and optical image processing, development of computer models of assembly, adjustment and testing of high precision optical systems for DUV and EUV lithography, over 8 years’ investigation of point diffraction wavefronts applied to testing optics with wide range of parameters.

We developed, designed and manufactured the first commercially available point diffraction interferometer on the global market. It is compact, user-friendly, automatic, phase-shifting interferometer D7 for measuring optical surface figure and quality of transmitted wavefronts of optical systems.

The D7 performs as universal instrument having incorporated advantages of several metrological tools: mapping surface figure, reveal features and defects of optics manufacturing and assembly technology, and testing image quality of optical systems. All those functions are provided with the highest absolute accuracy in the world – 7 angstroms.

We have an active team dedicated to hardware and software design for PDI measurements. Therefore, D7 can be easily customized to fit your research or industry needs.

We are customer oriented company and we know each individual sample can be pretty peculiar. We brainstorm to find the best solution for such unique samples. Thus gathered experience is continuously implemented in DifroMetric software as well as built in our devices.


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