Difrotec builds better interferometer than the best in market
better accuracy than fizeau interferometer
High accuracy point diffraction interferometer
High accuracy point diffraction interferometery
Industrial point diffraction interferometery
point diffraction interferometer
point diffraction interferometry
absolute surface form
optical metrology
transimtted wavefronts quality testing
high phase contrast fringe patterns
modern interferometry techniques
testing microscope optics
testing adaptive optics
testing ultraviolet optics
testing tescopes optics
testing space optics
testing wavefronts
imaging wavefronts
nanometer resolution optical surface detection
high precision optical instrument
Automatic fringe analysis

Ultra high accuracy interferometry

and custom optical solutions

Video: measuring concave sphere with interferometer D7

Interferometer D7
World-record angstrom scale accuracy:

  • Absolute accuracy
λ/1000 (0.6 nm)
  • Numerical aperture
0.55 (f# 0.91)
  • Repeatability (simple RMS)
< 0.6 nm


Illustration by Taavi Torim

“The measurements done by Difrotec allowed us to fully characterize  the ESEO telescopic camera optics and narrow down the issues we were experiencing with the latest revisions of the camera. "

Henry Kuuste, Department of Space Technology, Tartu Observatory more... 

Difrotec tested mobile camera glasses

  • Testing spherical, flat, asphere & freeforms
  • Testing transmitted wavefront of optical systems
  • Curvature radius measurements
  • Optical design & fabrication

Why Difrotec ? 

  • Compact, highly accurate & simple to operate products
  • Products can be easily adapted to changing industry needs
  • Fringe patterns with high signal to noise ratio
  • Wavefront without spurious fringes
  • No errors propagating from the physical reference optics  
  • A dedicated development team for unique custom solutions

Fizeau interferometers mask the real surface form

Our D7 sees the real form with sub-nanometer accuracy 

News & Events

 D7 enhanced space camera
Difrotec's flagship interferometer, D7 found out that two very high quality "identical" optics to be deployed on satellite's space camera were not identical after all. One resolved three times fewer details than the other. An important detail before deployment.

Difrotec distributor is Nortus Systronic

Difrotec is granted with the US patent No. 10247539 on 2 April 2019